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Scent is lovely makes the room smell great

Horrible candle - burns black soot everywhere

This candle, no matter how I properly trim the wick, puts out a constant stream of thick black smoke. It has set off my fire alarm multiple times and after burning for only two hours in my bathroom, I had to clean the walls because they were discolored. Do not buy.

Yet to be determined

I wouldn’t be able to give a review yet. I, unfortunately, still haven’t received me order.

Not happy. . .

I purchased a Carolina Candle Scented Jar Candle (Exotic Woods Rust, 22 oz). The candle has two wicks and after burning for several hours instead of two flames the entire wax pool / surface of the candle was one huge flame and it actually melted a metal candle topper.

The flame was very high and I could not blow it out. I had to used a metal lid from another candle to snuff it out.

I've never had this experience with other brands of candles.

I can not let you know what I think because I have not received my order.

Carolina Scented Jar Candle, Finch & Vine, Meadow Flower, 14.5 Oz, Single

Best candles

Best smelling candle ever! Fill the whole room with pineapple verbana scent. Best candle I've ever bought for the money.

Wick Scented Jar Candle, Crisp Pear & Basil, Wood Wick, 15oz

Love these candles

The candles are long lasting and drip very little.
Ordering was easy and they arrived sooner than I expected.

Carolina Candle Wax Melt, Creamy Berry Parfait, 2.5oz, 6 Cube

Great gift

Thank goodness you for the fast delivery. I love these candles

Carolina Candle Scented Jar Candle, Woodland Balsam, 22 oz
Cody McCaskill

Carolina Candle Scented Jar Candle, Woodland Balsam, 22 oz

Love these

These are the best candles. Love the crackling sound and the fragrance is wonderful. Buy these candles! I just bought 10 and use them every day.

Love the candles but….

One of the candles came broken with glass all over the box—I contacted customer service to ask for replacement or refund and because I hadn’t taken a picture of the broken candle never hear another word—because of the broken glass everywhere it went immediately into the garbage. Disappointed that I spent about $90 on candles and didn’t get better customer service.

Don’t have my order yet

Still waiting for my order

Smells fresh and light.

Candle smells good, but one was broken

I purchased about a dozen candles and one of them was broken- smashed to a pulp! I’d like to be refunded or given another s’mores candle.

Wick Scented Jar Candle, Evergeen, Wood Wick, 15oz
LeeAnn Jarrett

Wick Scented Jar Candle, Evergeen, Wood Wick, 15oz

Love my candle

I love it. The scent is not overwhelming, which is what I personally like and the crackling of the wood wick is a nice little added feature.

Long Lasting

These are the longest lasting candles I've ever had. I love the crackling of the wooden wick and the aroma they put out is nice. Not too strong, just a nice light scent that fills the room. I'm very pleased with these candles. I will be ordering more in the future.


I had purchased a fall candle from this brand and loved the strong scent. I had even received positive comments from friends. So, I decided to purchase this scent and it not even noticeable. I live in apartment in NYC so the space is small and the scent still does not carry. Would never purchase again.

Bourbon Sweet Potato

I love the soy base and wood-wick but it’s cloyingly sweet smelling as are most of the sweet candles. I like a lighter fragrance.

The best wood wick candles

The best wood wick candles on the market. Highly scented, burns clean down to the bottom evenly and even the wick makes this crackling noise that is awesome.

Love this scent

Great candle with good throw. Can smell the scent away from the room it’s in. I like the wick ad well

The best wood wick candles

These are the best burning, long lasting, great smelling candles ever.